Credited Service Hours

Credited Service means the hours worked by a Member for which Contributions have been received on their behalf. For Level 3 Asbestos Removers and 1st to 4th year Insulator Mechanic apprentices hours worked will be prorated by the hourly contribution rate paid by the Employer to the Mechanic’s contribution rate as stated in the Collective Agreement in effect for that period.

Disabled Credited Service Hours

Disabled Members will accrue Disabled Credited Service while remaining a Disabled Member at the rate of one hundred twenty-five hours (125) multiplied by the hourly contribution rate as specified in the Collective Agreement in effect during the period.

The accrual of Disabled Credited Service shall cease when the Disabled Member attains age sixty (60).

Disabled Member

Disabled Member means a Member suffering from a physical or mental impairment as certified by a medical doctor which occurs after March 1, 1993 that prevents the Member from performing the duties of their employment in which he was engaged before the commencement of their impairment and as a result of such disability, becomes eligible for benefits from any of the following programs:

  • Worker's Compensation Board
  • Canada Pension Plan
  • Employment Insurance
  • Insulators Local 95 Health and Welfare Plan

Continuous Service

Continuous Service includes all periods since becoming a Member of the Plan. For purposes of this Plan Continuous Service shall be broken 24 months following the last date worked by a Member with an Employer.

Notwithstanding the above, Continuous Service will not be considered broken while:

  • the Member is on legal strike;
  • the Member is on vacation or approved leave of absence;
  • the Member has been laid-off on a temporary basis, and is subject to re-call, under the terms of the Collective Agreement;
  • being a Disabled Member.

Continuous Service for purposes of this Plan shall mean from the Member's most recent seniority date.

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