A Member may designate a person or persons to receive any benefits payable under the Plan in the event of his death prior to his actual retirement date by completing and filing the form prescribed for that purpose.

Any benefits payable on or after the death of a Member shall be payable to his Spouse. However, if there is no Spouse or designated Beneficiary or if the person designated by the Member as his Beneficiary should not be living, such amounts as may be payable on or after the Member's death shall be payable on or after the Member's death shall be payable to the Member's estate subject to any Applicable Legislation.

In the event of there being any doubt as to the proper recipient of death benefits or as to whether the claimant is the person legally entitled to receive any benefit hereunder, payment of any such benefit may be withheld by the Board for a reasonable time to permit an investigation to be made, and any recipient or claimant shall on demand be obliged to furnish all information and to produce such proof of identify and of right to such benefits as may be reasonable in the circumstances. The Board shall be entitled to rely on the opinion of legal counsel.

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