1. When should I apply for Weekly Income (WI) Replacement benefits?
     You should apply for WI benefits at the same time you apply for EI benefits.
  2. What if I don’t qualify for EI benefits can I collect WI disability benefits after the 1 week waiting period?
     You must apply for disability benefits by having the short term disability application completed. You must supply written proof from Employment Benefits (EI) that you do not qualify for EI benefits.
  3. Who has to complete the WI application?
     There are three parts to the application Member statement – must be completed by the member
    Employer statement - must be completed by the employer
    Attending Physician Statement - must be completed by the doctor treating the patient
  4. If I know I will be off longer than my 17 weeks of EI benefits when should I apply for disability Benefits.
     Contact the BPA Health Management Services Office at 1-800-867-5615 to obtain an WI application. We recommend you complete and submit the application upon filing for EI benefits. If you expect to be off work after your 17 weeks of EI benefits you should contact the claims office about 3 week before your EI benefit will run out to have a new medical questionnaire forwarded to you for completion by your attending physician.
  5. Can you deposit my Disability payments directly to my bank account (Direct Deposit)?
     At this time, all Disability payments are made by cheque payable to the Member.

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