Death Prior to Retirement

In the event of the death of a Member during their period of Continuous Service, their Spouse or last designated Beneficiary will receive a lump sum Actuarial Equivalent (i.e. of equivalent value) to the Member’s accrued Retirement Benefit.

Should the Spouse be the Beneficiary of the death benefit and said Spouse is over the age of fifty-five (55) at the time of death then they are permitted to receive an immediate pension of Actuarial Equivalent value to the Member’s accrued Retirement Benefit.


A Spouse may elect to transfer any of all of the death benefit on a tax sheltered basis to:

  • a pension fund related to another pension plan (not locked-in), if the administrator of the other pension plan agrees to accept the payment; or
  • into a registered retirement savings plan or a registered retirement income fund under which the individual is the annuitant; or
  • to an Insurer to provide a life annuity.

Death After Commencement of Pension

Upon the death of a Pensioner, there shall be payable such amount, if any, as determined by the form of pension elected at the time of retirement.

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