Description of Benefits

The benefits in this section apply to all Eligible Members and Dependents. The QuikCare benefits cease in accordance with the “Termination of Member Coverage” provision.

The QuikCare Confidential Mental Health Program provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a psychologist for a range of psychological conditions including Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Stress and Substance Abuse. By ensuring rapid access to CBT, you get effective psychological treatment that will improve and sustain your overall mental health.

What is CBT?

CBT is a short-term therapy with long term benefits that is structured and focused on providing individuals with skills to help manage their emotions, thoughts and behaviours. CBT can help individuals to change how they think (“cognitive”) and what they do (“behaviour)”. CBT focuses on the “here and now” problems instead of focusing on the “root causes” of distress or symptoms, which may have originated in the distant past. CBT uses a skills-oriented approach to problem solving that will help members find ways to improve their state of mind and help them to develop techniques so they can avoid problems in the future.

How to use the program

Once you receive a physician’s referral for psychological intervention, you call the confidential QuikCare Helpline: 1-844-900-8357. This Toll Free number is not an emergency crisis line. On this call, key contact details and eligibility information will be collected.

Within 1 business day of the initial call, QuikCare will contact you to discuss needs, outcome goals, next steps and obtain required documentation (referral letter and medical release).

Follow-up within 3 business days of treatment approval to ensure you were able to initiate CBT or if any assistance is required.

Ongoing monitoring for any potential “red flags” for escalation and care path adjustments.

Outcome measuring at the end of the 12 weeks treatment to compare initial goal and treatment outcome.

QuikCare exercises utmost diligence to safeguard the confidential information of members and protects it against disclosure, misuse, loss and/or theft.


The BPA mHealth online platform also provides resources to support mental wellness. It offers the Mental Health Program in the form of CBT, on a computer or handheld device.

To access mHealth from your computer, visit our website at and follow the steps to register.

For access to resources when you are on the go, be sure to download the app available on the App Store or Google Play.

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