The Living Allowance Trust fund was established between International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 95 and Master Insulators Association of Ontario, Incorporated effective – September 1, 1980.

Purpose: To provide eligible members with additional remuneration to offset the expenses incurred while employed away from home.

The Contributions to the ‘Living Allowance Trust Fund” is negotiated within the Collective Agreement. The cost is shared between Employer and Employee. The current rate is $0.50 cents per hour worked ($0.25 Employer and $0.25 Employee via payroll deduction). The Collective Agreement provides that any increases to the contribution rate will be equally shared between Employer and Employee.

Payments are made weekly, subject to receipt of confirmation from Employer. Payments are issued by – cheque, or direct deposit

Insulators Local 95 Benefit Trust Fund c/o Benefit Plan Administrators 
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