Drugs and medicines including injectables which are Medically Necessary, legally require a written prescription from a Physician in order to be purchased, and are dispensed by a licensed pharmacist, or Physician legally authorized to dispense such drugs, plus drugs that regardless of their legal status are not normally sold except by prescription. These drugs must be prescriptive, restrictive, controlled or narcotic in nature. Diabetic supplies and oral contraceptives are included.

The Prescription Drug Plan

The Prescription Drug Plan Design will cover those drugs currently provided by the reimbursement Drug Benefit, paid at 100%. There will be a $6.50 cap on the dispensing fee. The dispensing fee is the doller amount charged by the pharmacist to dispense the drug. The means that you will be responsible for the payment of the dispensing fee over $6.50. To avoid out-of-pocket expense, we recommend reviewing your current dispensing fee charges with your pharmacist as fees vary among pharmacies.

 (*) Note:  

For those members and dependants over age 65, the Trust Fund will not cover any drug covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB).

Not eligible for reimbursement: Any drug not approved by the Food and Drugs Act, Canada. Proprietary or patent medicines (off-the-shelf preparations), dietary or health food, Nicorettes and similar anti-smoking related prescriptions, etc, erectile dysfunction drugs, fertility drugs, unless prescribed for other than fertility purposes, nutritional products and charges for the administration of drugs, whether or not a prescription is given for medical reasons.

The maximum single purchase of drugs that will be considered is the amount that can reasonably be used within 90 days of the date of purchase.

 Note::  The Trustees reserve the right to modify the drug formularies and definition at any time in the future, in order to deliver the benefit in a contemporary fashion

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