The Insulators Local 95 Pension Plan presents this section of the website for both active and retired plan members and their survivors and dependants. This website contains valuable information, tools and services regarding your pension plan. While the site is written in a summary format, we encourage you to browse through it to help you learn about the benefits you may be entitled to under the Plan.

Objective of the Plan

The objective of the Plan is to provide Plan members with retirement benefits prescribed in the Plan text. The Plan is a “Negotiated Contribution Target Benefit Pension Plan”. The obligation for employers to make contributions to fund the benefits under the Plan is limited by the terms of the Collective Agreement. While every effort is made to ensure the Plan is fully funded, In the event the assets of the plan are not sufficient to pay for the plan’s liabilities then benefits may be adjusted in accordance with applicable legislation.

Disclaimer-This website is for explanatory purposes only and while every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy in those explanations, any disputes concerning particular rights or entitlements will be governed exclusively by the provisions of the Trust Agreement, the Plan text and applicable legislation.

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