Members of Local 95 who are covered by the Collective Agreement and are classified as: Mechanics, first, second, third or fourth year apprentices.

Employees employed on a job site location (projects) in the Travel Expense Zones may be eligible to receive:

  • Daily Travel Expenses – rates vary depending on Zones
  • Daily Living Expenses – daily rate paid to assist in covering the cost of expenses if job site is greater than 250 miles away from home.
  • Weekend Allowance – to qualify you must be over 250 miles away from home. Reimbursement is one half of the daily rate – proof of weekend stay must be provided. Ie: hotel/motel receipts.
  • Initial Travel/Return Fare – must be on job site for minimum of 15 days or less if laid off. Reimbursement is based on schedule (Greyound Bus) cost of bus trip plus hourly pay rate for time spent traveling on bus.

Employer to provide confirmation of exact dates Member was on specified jobsite weekly. Application for benefits is to reflect the worked week, starting Sunday and ending Saturday. Employer must confirm if employee stayed weekend. Employer must confirm reason for leaving. Ie lay off, quit etc.

Eligibility for claim is subject to approval by Union.

Apprentceship Training

Apprentices registered for apprenticeship training at the Heat and Frost Insulators Training Centre shall be eligible for daily living. The apprentices’ residence must be located over 60 miles from the Training Centre. To qualify for this benefit the apprentice must provide receipts as proof overnight stay.

Insulators Local 95 Benefit Trust Fund c/o Benefit Plan Administrators 
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