1. Will I have to pay up-front when I see the counsellor?
     No. The Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP)covers the cost of the services to the counsellor. The counsellor bills HumanaCare directly.
  2. Where can I see the Counsellor?
     HumanaCare has counsellors across North America, and will connect you to someone who is close to where you live or work.
  3. Will my employer or the Union know I am using the MFAP ?
     No. The Program is a confidential service.Your employer or the Union will never know if you have used the service, unless you choose to tell them.
  4. Where can I get more information on HumanaCare and the MFAP ?
     More information regarding HumanaCare and the MFAP can be found at: http://humanacare.com/employee-and-family-assistance

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