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WorldCare Second Opinion Details

Description of Benefits

If you are an Active Member, the benefits in this section apply to you and your eligible Dependents. WorldCare Second Opinion benefits cease in accordance with the “Termination of Member Coverage” provision or upon attainment of age seventy, whichever is earlier.

As the practice of medicine becomes more highly specialized, it can be difficult for any one physician to be aware of all of the latest information relating to the diagnosis and treatment of serious or complex diseases.

This benefit provides second opinion e-consultation services if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. Your medical records will be collected at the WorldCare hub in Boston and then forwarded to one of the leading medical institutions in the United States where a team of physicians will review your case. These experts will provide you and your physician with a report, confirming or modifying the diagnosis and suggesting the best treatment options.

The second opinion includes:

  • Review of relevant medical records and supporting diagnostic information, and the interpretation of CT scans, MRI scan, X-ray, ultrasound, or other radiology or pathology studies by specialists,
  • A written report which confirms a diagnosis and a suggested treatment plan,
  • One follow-up second opinion, if necessary, and if additional diagnostic or consultation reports or questions related to the initial second opinion request are submitted within thirty days of receipt of the initial opinion report,
  • An audio or video conference, if needed, between your physician and the consulting physician from the WorldCare network. 

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